CAS 100 A is a required class that I had to take in order to get into the major of busniness at Penn State. I always thought that I was a good speaker but did not realize how much I did not know about properly delivering a speech untill I took this class. One of the first exercises we did in this class was during the first week everybody introduced themselves to the class and told a little bit about themselves. We had class Monday Wednesday and Friday and during these days I was given lectures and presentations that helped me develop my speaking skills. I prepared for the Informative speech, and persuasive speech. I talked about the topic pollution in America for my informative speech and for my persuasive speech, Recycling. Along with the two main speeches, presentations and, lectures we I also did daily reflections journals and reflective journals about my speeches. I will list all my work on this web page.

Journal 1
- Reflection on the first 4 weeks of class

Journal 2
- Presentation on body language

Informative Speech Reflective Journal
- A personal reflection on my informative speech
Informative Speech Self Evaluation
-This is an evaluation of how I thought I performed on my informative speech




Persuasive Speech Preparation

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Persuasive Speech Evaluation
- This is a personal evaluation of how I think I performed on my speech

Reflective Journal 3
- This is a Final Journal of how well i thought my performance in class increased and what I have obtained from this class