Journal 2

Journal 2


Today In class the first order of business was that we gave a round of applause to the students who did a great job on their first reflective journal entry.  After this we got started on a presentation given to us by the professor about using proper body language while delivering a speech.  Body language is very important when giving a speech.  I think it is a key element of a speech.  The different types of body language fall into sub categories as listed below:

-body posture

- hand gestures

- descriptive gestures

-emphatic gestures

-facial expressions

An important rule about body language is to always make eye contact and do not listen to the old rule of thumb about looking over your audiences heads.  Your posture also says a lot about you and how you deliver your speech.  It is bad body posture to hold onto something like a podium for example or to be looking around. Stand proud and tall.  It is important to use hand gestures to emphasize certain words or points.  Emphatic gestures are also very important because they can be used to show the amptitude of certain topics for example making a clap or closing a fist, this also keeps the audience from losing concentration.  Using facial expressions show that the speaker is confident.


                The next important thing that I learned today is to “master my speech.”  In case you lose your power point or have a power failure you will know your speech well enough to deliver it as best as possible without a power point.

                Along with this I learned to use simple words to make it easy for the audience to follow along and to also use “paralanguage” which is using sounds not words to emphasize something.  Avoiding mental pauses such as “ah” or “uhm” and to not be overly formal are very important pieces of imformation I learned from today’s class.

                In conclusion I learned a lot in class today and got a lot out of it. The videos that were shown on the projector helped me learn these important facts.