Informative Speech Self Evaluation

Informative Speech Evaluation Form                              Score:  140/150

Speaker: Daniel Walsh           


 Content                                     Delivery

Introduction   25/25                                   Vocal Components  25/25

  Attention Getter                                                            Volume and intensity

  Credibility Statement                                                           Rate/tempo/pacing

  Relevancy Statement                                                           Pitch and tone

   Presentation of Topic                                                           Vocal variety and expressiveness

   Previewed Main Points                                                         Effective use of pauses

   Appropriate length/emphasis (@10%)                                   Pronunciation and enunciation

  Body of Speech  15 /25                              Verbal Fluency 25 /25

 Topic suitability                                                              Fluency and clarity of speaking

 Well-organized, logical, consistent                                     Speaks effectively with use of visual aids

 Main points match preview                                               Transparent, extemporaneous delivery

   Main points fully supported                                                    Avoidance of mental pauses: ahs/ums

   Cites sources orally                                                    Effective use of language

 Quality and variety of supporting material                              

 Uses effective transitions                                                                                                       

Conclusion  25/25                                                Non-verbal Components  25/25

Restated topic/thesis                                                            General appearance; conveys credibility

   Previewed Main Points                                                          Delivers with mastery and naturalness

   Clincher/concluding remarks                                                 Gestures and movement

   Appropriate length/emphasis (@10%)                                   Posture projects confidence

                                                                                             Shows preparedness

                                                                                             Eye contact/rapport w/ audience

                                                                                         Conveys enthusiasm

                                                                                        Effective Use of Visual Aids:

                                                                                         - Timing, Visibility and quality of visual aids

                                                                                               - Video, graphics or pictures relevant

 Qualitative Comments/Evaluation


Strong Areas:                                                

Suggestions for Improvements:                                            

I think my strongest areas are were my power point and how well it was organized. I also think that I made good contact with my class mates. 

I think I need to work on my transitions more and cut down on the amount of time I used. The time part will be really easy to cut down on.