Journal 3

Part 1 – Achieved Learning Objectives (100 points)

At the close of our semester, you should have already gained knowledge and skills that embody the 7 learning objectives in our course syllabus. Discuss each of the course objectives that you have achieved, or areas embodied in the course objectives that have been strengthened in you; and, discuss the particular lessons, course materials, learning activities that enabled you to achieve the objective.


a.       To enable students to express understanding of the value of effective speech communication in their personal, academic and professional undertakings;

-          The value of being an effective speaker is not measurable because it is so important to be able to be an effective speaker and it is very important that as a student I learn how to become good at it. I have always been an average speaker in front of people but this course helped me realize how important it is to be good at speaking and how effective it can be. The first group activity we ever did in the class where we stood in a line and whispered a sentence into each other’s ear showed me the importance of how important it is to deliver any type of speech correctly so people get the right information.


b.      To be able to apply the fundamental principles of effective speech communication;

-          Being able to apply these principles is important because if you know the principles it is easy to apply them into your speech. They are helpful in effectively delivering your speech because they are kind of like guidelines in which one must follow in order to be effective or persuasive. The presentations that where shown on the projector in class is an example of the different ways we learned to apply these principles in preparing our speeches.


c.       To overcome and transform any fears, anxiety or nervousness in public speaking into a positive driving force towards achieving communication and leadership skills that are vital to one’s personal, academic and career goals;

-          Overcoming fears will give you the confidence you need in pursuing another goal. For me personally I worked on overcoming my time consumption while delivering a speech and also my nervousness of when I did my first speech and now I am a lot better at monitoring time and I am not nervous in front of an audience. One of the lessons in class that taught me about nervousness is when I was taught how to use authority when speaking to my audience and hand gestures to emphasize certain points to my audience.


d.      To demonstrate fundamental skills in gathering information or supporting proofs or evidences, organizing and presentation of one’s ideas in clear, logical, creative, purposeful and effective manner before an audience;

-          It is very important to give credit to the source that one might use to get information from. I personally got a lot of information from websites and I made sure to cite them whenever I used information from them in any of my speeches. I learned in class from my teacher how important it is to cite materials that we use for information. Not only is it fair it is also the law and it’s just ethically right to credit a source of information.


e.      To identify different types of speeches for different occasions, contexts, purposes and scenarios;

-          There are different types of speeches depending on the message but the two speeches that we practiced in class this semester were informative and persuasive. My favorite speech was the informative speech because I liked informing my audience of the problem of pollution and I felt that it was productive. By doing two types of speeches and having discussions about them in class was very helpful to me.


f.        To manifest skills in developing and delivering informative, persuasive and any other  types of speeches before an audience;

-          The lessons that that were taught in this class along with carrying out speeches helped me develop skills in delivering information professionally. I have learned important techniques in persuading people while talking to them. Some of these are by the use of hand motions to emphasize words, and changing my tone of voice. I have developed speaking skills that I never had before.


g.       To execute effective leadership, team working or collaborative skills that should always come along with the development of effective communication skills.

-          Working in teams helped me gain leadership skills. When students delivered their speeches it was helpful that we graded them together as a team because it instilled team work in us. It showed us how to communicate well with each other and it also helped us develop leadership skills.

Part 2 (100 points)


1.      What factors on your part as a student have helped you in achieving the learning objectives and any other development from the course (such as your own efforts given to the course, work ethics, dedication, diligence, determination personal goals, drive and enthusiasm, unavoidable, unexpected  circumstances)? Please, explain.

-          As a student some factors that helped me in achieving the learning objectives were that I always made sure that I came to class early. This is just a common behavior of mine. I like to come to class early to get settled in and prepare for class. I do it because I try to show my respect for the professor. This leads me to having self satisfaction and when I am satisfied and in a positive mind set it drives me to do well in a class. This is a big factor that pushes me to do well in this speech class and to achieve the learning objectives. I also have a goal of achieving an A as my grade for the course.

2.      What factors on the part of the instructor helped you in achieving the course objectives? (i.e., instructor’s teaching style, knowledge, professionalism, course materials; required tasks, communication style, attitude, etc.)

-          Mrs. Magabo, my instructor is a very valuable asset to my learning experience of this class. When given different assignments the instructions provided are very helpful because they are very detailed. Whenever I ever had a question about an assignment Mrs. Magabo was very quick on answering any questions I ever had. Her knowledge and teaching style helped me achieve the course objectives. I get the feeling that Mrs. Magabo really cares about how well we do in her class and not every teacher that I have seems to care about me and my class mate’s performance.

3.      What inner transformations, ethical and personal values, traits and personality development have you gained through the course of your learning in this class?

-          Through the course of my learning in this class I have learned the importance of believing in others as good speakers. I also learned that sometimes one might be surprised at the power of another’s words. I have learned that you can learn a lot of valuable things by listening to another person and you can also learn a lot about the speaker for example like their beliefs on certain things. Over the course of this class I have developed a more open personality and now I look forward to hearing others opinions and beliefs about topics.

4.      If you are to describe your overall experience in this course, how will you describe your experience? Why?

-          My overall experience in this class has been very positive. I have enjoyed every class because it was always interesting to me. I was also happy about my personal experience of delivering speeches because I feel that I did better than I expected to do. Being my first class on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays I always looked forward to coming to speech class first because it always started off my day on a positive note. I felt relaxed and productive when I was in class and I always felt like I got something out of it. This class has taught me how to be a better listener as well as a better speaker and this is a very valuable lesson that everyone should learn. The power that words have are just un measurable and this class has helped me to be a more effective speaker. The group that I was with was very friendly and we made a lot of progress together evaluating others’ speeches. This class was definately better than I expected it to be and besides being fun it was also effective and informative so I am very happy that I took this class and performed well in it so far. I don’t have any complaints or regrets about this class.

5.      Comments/Suggestions

-          This class has been very positive. I honestly am very glad that Mrs. Magabo was my speech teacher. I think you are very organized, always prepared, caring, and an effective professor. Your class is very fair and enjoyable