Persuasive Speech Evaluation


A.     With 100 as the highest, rate yourself on each of the listed aspects of speech delivery performance for your persuasive speech. Discuss why you believe so (30 points). Make a very evaluative, reflective and critical analysis of your performance to address each of the following areas:


1.      Great speech organization

2.      Providing convincing facts and information from credible sources

3.      Abiding by the ethical requirements of citing sources of information orally or during speech delivery as information presented comes from a source

4.      Delivery with mastery

5.      Rapport or connection with my audience

6.      Feeling more confident speaking in front of my audience or ability to overcome nervousness or anxiety

7.      Use of persuasive appeals (emotional, logical, and ethical)

8.      Speaking with confidence and authority through effective voice projection and body movements

9.      Use of effective language to convey my message

10.  Effective speech delivery that gains audience interest, trust, approval, agreement or action or adoption of your ideas


1.      I think I organized my speech well because I had enough slides to explain my topic of recycling. I conversed with the professor about questions I had about the organization and that helped me get my topics organized in order to address my topic well.

2.      I used common knowledge to help connect to the audience and I gathered some statistics from government recycling websites to prove my facts and arguments about recycling.

3.      I believe I did as well as I possibly could citing my sources. At the bottom of a slide I would put the source where I got some of my information from. I made sure I had it in the correct format in a different color from the rest of the slide so it would be easy to identify.

4.      I feel I delivered my speech very well. I tried to work on my weak points and I think I explained and proved all of my points and I think that I spoke loud and clear enough for my class mates to hear me. I was told by fellow class mates that my speech was very good.

5.      I feel that I had a great connection with my audience because I spoke loud and clearly during my speech and after I was done I was the only speaker to be asked questions about my topic so I think I made a good connection with my audience.

6.      I believe that I spoke confidently in front of my audience. I wasn’t to nervous at all when I did my first speech and this second speech ( the persuasive speech) I felt very confident in front of my audience.

7.      I know I used some persuasive appeals like for example ethical, and emotional when I said to my audience that it is just morally correct to clean up after one self and I think this really made the class think about how important it is to recycle.

8.      I know I did try to raise my voice when I would mention an important statistic but I know I can be better at it. I used my arms to point out pieces of information from my power point but I know I can use a little more practice with using authority in my speech.

9.      When delivering my message I chose to use some words that were not too big for the audience to understand but words that showed real meaning and displayed authority and importance. For example I used words like strictly, aware, and constructive to describe how important it is to recycle.

10.  I feel that my speech was very effective to my audience because it brought awareness to the audience of the problem of pollution and it also raised a lot questions at the end of my speech. My audience seemed to be very interested in my topic so I think my delivery was good and very positive. People were able to ask questions and voice their opinions on the topic of recycling and I am glad they showed interest in it.

I would feel very comfortable rating myself with the score of a 100.


B.      With 100 as the highest, rate your overall persuasive speech performance and discuss why believe you deserve such rating  (10 points)

My overall persuasive speech performance I think I should get the score of a 95 because I feel that I talked about a very valid and relative topic, I feel that I delivered it to the best of my abilities and I also contributed to the class because they were effected by my speech in how they responded to it. I am almost certain that I was the only speaker that was asked three questions by the audience and that makes me feel good about how I delivered the speech and I am glad that the class cared about my topic and showed interest in it. I feel that I have identified one weak point about myself while delivering my speech and that is not using enough authority when speaking. I am glad I am aware of this problem because I can work on it and become better at it for the future. The video I chose to show to the class was helpful in showing the importance of recycling and how it can help save paper and it also kept the class interested and aware of what I was talking about. Overall I think I performed very well and better than my last speech.



C.      Discuss the ways how you intend to nurture or continue to develop your skills in speech communication (10 points)


I will continue to develop my skills in speech communication by working on improving using authority while speaking. I know this is a weakness of mine but I can get better at it. I know I will because in my last speech one of my weaknesses was that I did not amount of time to deliver my speech so I know I improved greatly in that area. I feel more confident now talking to an audience then I did during my first speech so I know after doing so many I will keep improving. Mrs Magabo is very helpful in helping me improve my problem areas so with her help I know I can improve everything I need help with.