Journal 1

Reflective Journal Writing 1                                                                               Daniel Walsh          



My Reflections on Speech Class Over the Past Four Weeks


I.                   My Assessment of my own learning progress   


In the last four weeks of speech class I have learned a great amount about speech. I have learned all the different steps that are involved when writing a speech and how important it is to keep your audience intune with your speech. I have also become more comfortable with the people in the class that will eventually be my audience.


Recall the lessons, discussions and activities we have had for the last four weeks and assess how much learning have you accumulated from all these lessons, discussion and activities?


I have learned a lot of important details about the different steps of preparing a speech. The most important thing that I think I learned is that it is very important to spend a lot of time preparing my speech because if I do not prepare it well then my speech will not deliver well. I also know how important it is to make sure the audience isn’t falling asleep on me. I can do things like ask rhetorical questions to the audience to keep them following along in my speech.           



II.                How relevant or valuable and how can you make use of things learned into your

       personal, academic or career endeavors?


The things I have learned in speech class so far will be important to me in my own personal life because speech class will show me how to speek to people better in a more influential way. I will use words more properly and know how to keep my audience interested in what I am talking about.


III.             Factors that enabled or caused poor learning


  1. Personal Factors that that contributed to my learning

Factors that have contributed to my learning in this class are that I always come to class early so that I am ready to listen. I also find this class interesting because I have never taken a speech class before. I look forward to learning new things so these factors have definitely helped me in learning the material in this speech class.


  1. Instructional Factors

I like how Professor Magaboo makes sure we are all paying attention at all times and how she asks questions to the class to keep us up to par with the lectures and demonstrations. Also the Use of the projector and internet to show examples of things to the whole class is very helpful. I like the use of technology in the speech class. Angel also helps to keep the students up to date with assignments.