The year in review assignment was probably one of the more complex assignments for me.  The year I used for my part of the project was 1964.  The three other people in my group all had years in the 1960’s so our year in review movie consisted of major events of each of years.  Dave Mockus’ year was 1963, mine was 1964, Dave Hampson’s was 1965, and Ian Walter’s year was 1968.  We all decide on when we would meet up to gather information and how we would lay out our project.  We decided that the theme of our movie would be equality for women and minorities.  We picked out major events that happened in our year and showed pictures to represent them, talked about them to explain them, and showed video on them.  We tied together all of the relevant events of each year that related to the theme and made sure we made it clear that people would see the importance of these events of the 1960’s.  Ian is me and Dave Mockus’ neighbor so we would casually meet and discuss ideas and talk about the progress of our work on the video project. We mostly talked to Dave Hampson in class but sometimes on the cell phone to discuss our project.  We ended using Windows movie maker because the Mac computers in the library would not work and therefore we could not download videos fro YouTube to use in our video.  We all worked together to make it work out.



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