The year that I have been researching is 1964. For the image analysis essay I chose to pick the James Bond movie Goldfinger from 1964. I did not just pick James Bond at random because even though I love the movies I didn’t even know when the first one came out. I figured out what movie to pick by going to and searching movies of 1964. After I searched this topic I clicked on a link that took me to a website. This website told me what movies were introduced in the year 1964. I noticed the James Bond movie Goldfinger came out then so that is how I chose my movie. In my essay I focused on two major things; segregation against blacks and inequality towards woman. When I watched the movie I looked for scenes that stood out to me and I took notes on them. I then compiled the notes that I took down and started to write my paper. I started out with what the movie was, providing a brief summary of what the plot of the movie was and then I stated my theses. After doing this, I talked about the parts in the movie that I took notes on and used them as proof to explain my thesis. I also got information from other websites about what the culture was like in 1964 to shows that the movie Goldfinger was accurate with what was going on in that time. After all my body paragraphs I made a conclusion paragraph and ended my essay. I then made a works cited page to show where I got my information from.



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