One of the easier topics to research was Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassinator of John F Kennedy. There was a lot of information on this topic and it was very easy to find. My favorite part of this essay was obviously the Mustang because of how much I already knew about them; it made it so much easier. I was at first overwhelmed by the project because it seemed like a lot of work but when I started to get moving with it everything fell into place. I feel that I will most likely have to make a few revisions to my paper before I submit the final paper but I think I fulfilled all of the requirements. It was hard to get information on the GI Joe doll and different movies. There were not too many sources with information like this. Along with topics like weather, it was hard to find anything on weather events and patterns of 1964. I would have to say that in the year 1964 the two biggest topics that I wrote about where John F. Kennedy and Jack Ruby and the auto industry. John F. Kennedy is a huge name known by all people across America so there was plenty of information on him. Everyone in America knows what a Ford Mustang is and this just shows how easy it was to get information on these two topics. If I had to write a paper like this again the one thing I would write about would be food. There is plenty of information out there about different restaurant chains and popular food in America in1964.



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