podcast 02/13/2009

For my podcast I chose to write about the Ford Mustang. The First ever Ford Mustang debuted on April 17 1964 In New York. My podcast is in the form an interview. I chose to set it up where an editor from the popular magazine Motor Trend interviews the general manager of Ford Lee Laccoca. The editor of the magazine was played by my friend Dave Mockus and I played the the role of the general manager of Ford. I wrote a script up of what I thought a life like interview would be like. Dave started the interview by addressing the setting of the interview, who he was and who he was interviewing. After the introductory music and Dave’s introduction, he introduced and welcomed me, Lee Laccoca. We followed the script that I made up which was pretty much all questions about the Ford Mustang. There are questions like how the name was picked for the Mustang and who was responsible for naming it. Othe questions include topics such as how the Ford Mustang was made, who were responsible for designing it, how many Ford thinks that they will sell the first year, the price, what options were offered with it, and what type of body style it was available as. I gave detailed facts about the car and how many that Ford projected that they were going to sell the first year. At this point I didn’t choose intro or outro music yet but I will do that on Monday when I go to the digital commons room again.



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