The podcast that I made for the year 1964 was not as long as I wanted it to be because there was only so much I could say about the first day of the debut of the Ford Mustang. It would have been a lot easier if I was talking about something like the history of the Ford Mustang because there would have been so much more to write about. If I would have been able to write about the history of Ford Mustangs I would be able to include things like Ford Mustangs competition, the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. The debut of the Ford Mustang was not too hard to talk about it was just hard to make the podcast long. After I add the intro and outro music to my podcast it will just be long enough to be suffiecient. I knew a lot of the information and facts about the Ford Mustang so I only used one source for my podcast. Reading about them and watching a lot of tv shows taught me a lot about the Ford Mustang so finding sources was not a problem for me. I was actually surprised about how short it took to record my podcast. The hardest part was figuring out how to work the Mac computer. After I got that figured out it was not too hard. I made a few mistakes when recording but I figured out how to edit them out. I ran out of time so I saved it and I will go back on Monday to add the sound which will make my podcast five minutes long.



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