The year 1964 popped right into my head as soon as I was told that I had to write about a certain year. The reason why I picked 1964 was because I like Ford Mustangs and have always liked them. They have always been my favorite car. Since the Mustang was introduced in 1964 I knew right away that I was choosing 1964 as my year. There are a lot of big topics that happened in 1964 but the first thing I wrote about was the Ford Mustang. I explained how automobiles were becoming very popular in America and how the mustang was produced in the heart of the muscle car era. I gathered information on the Ford Mustang through websites and books but mostly it was all general knowledge since i know so much about them. I also tried to keep in mind the theme that I was going to be basing my work around.  i chose to incorporate how in 1964, more people were becoming more aware of equality in America. I explained what was being done for women and minorities to gain respect and equality in America.I used the interent and some books to gather information about different events that happened in 1964. I researched what movies came out and one of the ones that came out in my year is a James Bond movie. After I gathered all my information I started to write about my year starting off with the Mustang. 



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