For my cultural artifact I chose to research the GI Joe doll. It was invented in 1964 by the Hasbro Company. I first started to think about where I was going to get my information from for the cultural analysis essay. I decided I would probably find the most information from encyclopedia, and antique like websites. I looked at the assignment sheet and read over the criteria in which I would be getting information on. One of the facts that I could not find was that of the original price of the doll. There are plenty of websites that give prices of GI Joe dolls now, and even antique ones but I was unable to find original retail prices of the GI Joe dolls. On the topic of price, owning a GI Joe doll in 1964 was not that hard. I did read that the price of the doll was fair and that any family member in a household could easily afford a GI Joe doll. In the beginning I stuck to basic facts about the GI Joe doll so the reader can get a basic background of who produced the GI Joe doll and what exactly it was. After that, in the second paragraph I wrote about how the GI Joe doll was such a big deal in America and even international countries because it was the first ever doll made for boys. I took a lot of time explaining this because of how it started the whole action figure type of toy.



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