Writing my cultural artifact on the GI Joe doll was interesting. I learned a lot more about that simple doll than I thought there was to know about it. I think it was a good topic to choose for a cultural artifact of 1964 because it wasn’t just a big deal in America but throughout the whole world as well. It made the Hasbro companies a lot of money. This wasn’t just a onetime big seller either, for years to come the GI Joe doll would prove to be a big hit seller. It was one of the new hottest toys of 1964 for boys. The GI Joe doll did not have a competition because it was the first of its kind. There was the Barbie doll of course but that was obviously just for girls so the GI Joe was the only other new doll that was out besides other less popular dolls for girls. If it wasn’t for the GI Joe doll, I don’t know if or when action figures would have been invented. Personally I have never been interested in action figures so it wouldn’t really matter to me but I know that action figures are a really popular toy in America all thanks to the GI Joe doll. I don’t remember owning a GI Joe doll growing up or playing with actions figures but a lot of kids in my grade school did. Action figures are the popular toy of choice for young boys growing up.



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