Writing my cultural artifact on the GI Joe doll was interesting. I learned a lot more about that simple doll than I thought there was to know about it. I think it was a good topic to choose for a cultural artifact of 1964 because it wasn’t just a big deal in America but throughout the whole world as well. It made the Hasbro companies a lot of money. This wasn’t just a onetime big seller either, for years to come the GI Joe doll would prove to be a big hit seller. It was one of the new hottest toys of 1964 for boys. The GI Joe doll did not have a competition because it was the first of its kind. There was the Barbie doll of course but that was obviously just for girls so the GI Joe was the only other new doll that was out besides other less popular dolls for girls. If it wasn’t for the GI Joe doll, I don’t know if or when action figures would have been invented. Personally I have never been interested in action figures so it wouldn’t really matter to me but I know that action figures are a really popular toy in America all thanks to the GI Joe doll. I don’t remember owning a GI Joe doll growing up or playing with actions figures but a lot of kids in my grade school did. Action figures are the popular toy of choice for young boys growing up.


For my cultural artifact I chose to research the GI Joe doll. It was invented in 1964 by the Hasbro Company. I first started to think about where I was going to get my information from for the cultural analysis essay. I decided I would probably find the most information from encyclopedia, and antique like websites. I looked at the assignment sheet and read over the criteria in which I would be getting information on. One of the facts that I could not find was that of the original price of the doll. There are plenty of websites that give prices of GI Joe dolls now, and even antique ones but I was unable to find original retail prices of the GI Joe dolls. On the topic of price, owning a GI Joe doll in 1964 was not that hard. I did read that the price of the doll was fair and that any family member in a household could easily afford a GI Joe doll. In the beginning I stuck to basic facts about the GI Joe doll so the reader can get a basic background of who produced the GI Joe doll and what exactly it was. After that, in the second paragraph I wrote about how the GI Joe doll was such a big deal in America and even international countries because it was the first ever doll made for boys. I took a lot of time explaining this because of how it started the whole action figure type of toy.


The podcast that I made for the year 1964 was not as long as I wanted it to be because there was only so much I could say about the first day of the debut of the Ford Mustang. It would have been a lot easier if I was talking about something like the history of the Ford Mustang because there would have been so much more to write about. If I would have been able to write about the history of Ford Mustangs I would be able to include things like Ford Mustangs competition, the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. The debut of the Ford Mustang was not too hard to talk about it was just hard to make the podcast long. After I add the intro and outro music to my podcast it will just be long enough to be suffiecient. I knew a lot of the information and facts about the Ford Mustang so I only used one source for my podcast. Reading about them and watching a lot of tv shows taught me a lot about the Ford Mustang so finding sources was not a problem for me. I was actually surprised about how short it took to record my podcast. The hardest part was figuring out how to work the Mac computer. After I got that figured out it was not too hard. I made a few mistakes when recording but I figured out how to edit them out. I ran out of time so I saved it and I will go back on Monday to add the sound which will make my podcast five minutes long.






For my podcast I chose to write about the Ford Mustang. The First ever Ford Mustang debuted on April 17 1964 In New York. My podcast is in the form an interview. I chose to set it up where an editor from the popular magazine Motor Trend interviews the general manager of Ford Lee Laccoca. The editor of the magazine was played by my friend Dave Mockus and I played the the role of the general manager of Ford. I wrote a script up of what I thought a life like interview would be like. Dave started the interview by addressing the setting of the interview, who he was and who he was interviewing. After the introductory music and Dave’s introduction, he introduced and welcomed me, Lee Laccoca. We followed the script that I made up which was pretty much all questions about the Ford Mustang. There are questions like how the name was picked for the Mustang and who was responsible for naming it. Othe questions include topics such as how the Ford Mustang was made, who were responsible for designing it, how many Ford thinks that they will sell the first year, the price, what options were offered with it, and what type of body style it was available as. I gave detailed facts about the car and how many that Ford projected that they were going to sell the first year. At this point I didn’t choose intro or outro music yet but I will do that on Monday when I go to the digital commons room again.


One of the easier topics to research was Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassinator of John F Kennedy. There was a lot of information on this topic and it was very easy to find. My favorite part of this essay was obviously the Mustang because of how much I already knew about them; it made it so much easier. I was at first overwhelmed by the project because it seemed like a lot of work but when I started to get moving with it everything fell into place. I feel that I will most likely have to make a few revisions to my paper before I submit the final paper but I think I fulfilled all of the requirements. It was hard to get information on the GI Joe doll and different movies. There were not too many sources with information like this. Along with topics like weather, it was hard to find anything on weather events and patterns of 1964. I would have to say that in the year 1964 the two biggest topics that I wrote about where John F. Kennedy and Jack Ruby and the auto industry. John F. Kennedy is a huge name known by all people across America so there was plenty of information on him. Everyone in America knows what a Ford Mustang is and this just shows how easy it was to get information on these two topics. If I had to write a paper like this again the one thing I would write about would be food. There is plenty of information out there about different restaurant chains and popular food in America in1964.


The year 1964 popped right into my head as soon as I was told that I had to write about a certain year. The reason why I picked 1964 was because I like Ford Mustangs and have always liked them. They have always been my favorite car. Since the Mustang was introduced in 1964 I knew right away that I was choosing 1964 as my year. There are a lot of big topics that happened in 1964 but the first thing I wrote about was the Ford Mustang. I explained how automobiles were becoming very popular in America and how the mustang was produced in the heart of the muscle car era. I gathered information on the Ford Mustang through websites and books but mostly it was all general knowledge since i know so much about them. I also tried to keep in mind the theme that I was going to be basing my work around.  i chose to incorporate how in 1964, more people were becoming more aware of equality in America. I explained what was being done for women and minorities to gain respect and equality in America.I used the interent and some books to gather information about different events that happened in 1964. I researched what movies came out and one of the ones that came out in my year is a James Bond movie. After I gathered all my information I started to write about my year starting off with the Mustang. 

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